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Auto Medic Mobile Auto Mechanic Services

Auto Medic was founded on one principle; Automotive Innovation. Thanks to recent advancements such as Smart Phones, GPS, Computerized Diagnostics, Electric Tools, and the abundent access to information via a laptop, the modern day technician can now operate with excellence anywhere they go. Welcome to the new age of automotive care. See for yourself why Auto Medic is the leading auto mechanic auto repair service in Austin.

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Mobile Mechanic and Auto Repair Service for Austin TX

"....I've used probably 4 different mobile mechanic services in the central Austin area, and this one was the CHEAPEST and the QUICKEST.  What more could you ask for? .... I was able to pay over the phone while I waited for the mechanic, which saved a ton of time.  Both the operator and the mechanic were super friendly and I would highly recommend this service to anyone in need of a mechanic."

Mobile Mechanic & Auto Repair Service for Austin, TX


Mobile Auto Mechanic vs. Shop

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1997 Mazda 626 2.0L Timing Belt, Water-Pump, Oil Seals and Accessories.
Auto Medic
Labor : $308.10 Parts : $164.49
Total:  $501.16

Christian Brothers Automotive
Labor: $506.00  Parts : $456.16
Total : $1026.86