On-site auto repair and mobile mechanics

Austin's Premiere On-Site Automotive Team

We specialize in finding the problem, and fixing it.

Advanced Diagnostics performed with the proper tools and procedures and down to the science variable testing.

Our technicians have access to OEM diagnostic information and testing procedures for better repair accuracy.


Emergency Response

Our technicians come to you! Instead of making you pay to bring your problem to a mechanic, our technicians come to you on the spot.

Mechanical Guru’s

We have access to over 4.6 million repair documents such as schematics, wiring diagrams, TSBs, recalls, diagnostic procedures, and much more.

Electrical Experts

Our select technicians are all electrical troubleshooting masters, being able to test voltages, continuity, resistance, and perform load tests.

Vehicle Health Pros

For all makes, and all models, our trained technicians can work on just about anything.  Before you tow or take it to a shop, see if we fit your needs.

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Outstanding service. Excellent conduct from estimate to final diagnostic scan. Very fair prices (I did my research). Communication was also outstanding. Matt gave me an estimate on both price and time in under twenty minutes. They are flexible and very accommodating. Tim is an excellent mechanic. I watched him change a timing belt almost completely by feel. He seemed to effortlessly preform the various procedures, and work through the issues that did rear up with an unwavering rhythm. This guy really knew cars on a level that is unlike anything I’ve yet seen. (He used his eyes when he needed) He also went above and beyond the constraints of the job. Using one of the very comprehensive diagnostic scanner, he looked at the whole system and made sure when he was done I was truly good to go. Very competent,to say the least. I would not hesitate to recommend Mobile Auto Clinic.
Logan Baren
Logan Baren
18:30 14 Oct 18
Absolutely amazing!! I was at a gas station when my car wouldn't start. I called and gave them my location and they sent Micheal out to figure things out. It was my alternator. Micheal was able to get one and install it right there!! He was fully equipped with all the tools and testing equipment. He also let me know my battery might need to be changed soon as well, but did not pressure me into any upsale. This was by far the best Auto repair and rescue experience I have ever had!!! Kudos to Mobile Auto Clinic!! I will be recommending then to everyone I know!!!!!
Ashleigh Barcuch
Ashleigh Barcuch
21:59 16 Nov 18
Just to echo the sentiments of many others in here, this company is top notch! I have an old Toyota Camry that refused to accelerate and these guys were on top of it. Right off the bat I was pleasantly surprised about the ability to make a same-day appointment. Darren got there right on time (even before we did, in fact!) and was extremely friendly and helpful throughout. He got the car up and running within about an hour and also made recommendations on how to best maintain it in the future! Next time one of our cars gets stuck, we'll know who to turn to. Thanks so much!
Daniel Hayden
Daniel Hayden
17:55 29 Sep 18
SO HAPPY!!!! I went to Howdy Honda because my breaks started to grind in traffic. They quoted me over $1,500 to replace my rear breaks, rotors, calipers (which is dumb) and to flush the fluid. Not happening. While searching for other options, I found Mobile Auto Clinic. After reading all of the positive reviews, I decided to request a quote. I am so pleased with my decision. Benjamin was quick to respond with a quote and provided days a mechanic can come take a look at my car. I saved over $1100 and hours of my time that would have been wasted at a dealership or mechanic shop!!! Michael came to my work, analyzed my car, purchased parts, and got to work. He replaced everything in under two hours. I will 100% be using Mobile Auto Clinic for ALL car issues going forward. I will be spreading the word! Don't waste your time and money at dealerships!
Emily O'Neill
Emily O'Neill
21:05 14 Nov 18
I was visiting Austin to see relatives and my check engine light came on during bad weather. Although my vehicle was still running, it was obviously not operating smoothly so was nervous about driving it further. I called Mobile Auto Clinic and one of their technicians (Mike) came out right away. After hooking up diagnostic equipment, he found a couple of the cylinders weren't firing properly. The tech felt the problem could be solved by replacing ignition coils and possibly plugs. It turned out the plugs were fine, but I decided in addition to the bad coils to have them all replaced. This solved the problem and I was back up and running. I appreciated that Mike also coached me on a few things to watch out for and consider in the future. The service from Mobile Auto Clinic was fast and allowed me to talk directly to the person looking at and servicing my vehicle. I much preferred this to dealing with the service manager or some other middleman at a dealership or large service shop. If I lived in Austin, I would call these folks first if I needed any work on my vehicles, either emergency or routine maintenance.
John Tribou
John Tribou
12:38 28 Oct 18
Easy to schedule and work with! I appreciated the time Tim spent on diagnosis, and would book again. Thank you!
Allison Seamans
Allison Seamans
03:26 14 Jan 19

Check Engine Light? Any Light

Those dash warning lights mean something and we have the answers!  Doesn’t matter what the light is, our technicians can get to the cause.


Heavy Equipment & Diesel

We have specially trained mechanics for heavy equipment and HD trucks up to Class 8.


Belt Drive Line Specialists

Water Pumps, Alternators, Power Steering Pumps, Compressors, Pulleys, Tensioners, And of Course, Any Kind of Belt Including Timing Belts and Components


Used Vehicle Inspections

Don’t get stranded after buying a clunker.  Our technicians are trained to run full thorough inspections on site before you buy a lemon.


Common Maintenance

Keep things running smooth by staying ahead on your maintenance schedule.  When it comes to any vehicle – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Computerized Diagnostics

In today’s day and age, there is no getting around the need to communicate with a vehicles computer.   Our technicians are trained and come prepared for advanced diagnostics.


We’re just trying to get you back on the road

Our moto is simple.  We want to do the best we can to get you back and running again as soon as possible.  That’s why we skip the shop and come to you.  The plethora of simple issues that will take down your vehicle are vast and wide.  We specialize in finding the problem, and getting the solution in as little time as possible.

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