Auto Repair Services

Mobile Auto Repair and Heavy Equipment Services

Smart Mechanic Services

Our family of services is strategically based around what we can do on-site without you needing to find a major repair facility, and handle the logistics of transporting a vehicle that is incapacitated. 

Belt Drive Line Specialists

We can fix any belt issue on almost anything.  Whether its an alternator, pulley, pump of any kind, or anything else driven by a belt – we have the equipment and the know how.

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Dash Lights and Warning Symbols

When it comes to the vehicle trying to communicate with you – consider us your vehicle’s psychic medium.  

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Heavy Duty Equipment

When it comes to on the job machinery, there’s nothing better than the mechanic coming to you.  We work on most manufacturers, and almost any equipment.

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Vehicle Inspections

Looking to buy a car, but not sure if you are getting into a lemon?   Let us set you up with one of our technicians to meet you where the car is being purchased.   We will perform a 114 point inspection, provide professional value guidance, and give you confidence in your purchasing decision.  

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Advanced Computeritzed Diagnostics

When it comes to vehicle technology, you need computers to be able to communicate.  Our staff is trained on understanding the different modules, being able to communicate with the vehicles computers, and to properly troubleshoot and diagnose electronic issues.  

Common Repair Issues and Maintenance

General Automotive

Our mechanics and advanced technicians are trained to work on a wide variety of issues on almost any make and model of vehicle.  


Starters, alternators, sensors, switches, wiring issues, and general electrical troubleshooting. 

Cooling Systems

Air conditioning components, thermostats, water pumps, radiator, hoses, compressors.  We have the equipment and the knowledge.

Windows and Interior

From Windows that wont go down, power seats that won’t work, to bad electrical sockets.  We can help.

Undercar Specialists

Shocks and Strurts, brakes, ball joints, wheel bearings, exhaust.  You name it, we can handle it.

Flat Tire Services

Flat tires happens to everyone.  Doesn’t mean you’re prepared to handle it.  We’ll send out a mechanic to either repair your tire, or put on a spare.  We’ll take care of the dirty work; you can focus on what you need to do.

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